Monday July 29th will go down in the annals of Trinidad and Tobago Political history as the day a fledgling  Political Party, the Independent Liberal Party led by it’s founder and interim Political Leader Austin Jack Warner, inflicted on the dominant  UNC Party ,the party in government, a defeat of catastrophic and cataclysmic proportions. Mr Warner was attempting to be re elected as Member of Parliament for the Chaguanas West seat, vacated by him not very long ago after  a fallout with his former colleagues in the UNC. The UNC had rejected Mr Warner as their candidate to contest the bye election and had instead chosen a neophyte as their preferred choice. Faced with that rejection, Mr Warner then formed this new political vehicle in order to contest the election and  so regain his rightful place as the representative for the Constituency. The result is now history and the ILP candidate, Austin Jack Warner pulled off a stunning and resounding victory beating his unworthy opponent by a margin of almost three to one.The final tally showed  Mr Warner  ending up with 12,642 votes and the UNC candidate getting the support of only 5,129 persons.The PNM candidate lost his deposit  as only 426 persons voted for him while the other two candidates shared a similar fate. One other misguided lunatic withdrew his nomination before polling day in one of his saner moments but of course,he still had to forfeit his $5,000  deposit to the Treasury.The UNC suffered TOTAL ANNIHILATION  at the polls losing at every single polling station, failing to capture even one of the 50 plus polling stations scattered across the length and breadth of this community .This in itself was unprecedented as the  Constituency was considered to be  sacred and hallowed ground for the UNC, a bastion of unquestionable support and a place where that Party erroneously believed that they had a stranglehold over the minds and hearts of the  constituents .Sadly they made a fatal miscalculation as they had created such a wide gap between themselves and the people that they had lost all touch with them and all their bribes and entreaties to them in the weeks leading up to that fateful Monday  failed to sway the voters to their side.Mr Warner on the other ,had never lost touch with his people,was always with them,had never abandoned them,was loyal to them and they in turn repaid his dedication to them in a most telling ,commendable and emphatic way. The People turned out in their multitudes and voted in favor of a man considered by them to be of the people and for the people and spurned the entreaty of those who had willfully  disconnected themselves from those  who had placed them where they currently sit. They  campaigned heavily  with the misguided belief that the people of CW could easily be bought and  so offered monetary and other benefits in an effort to sway the minds of voters who grasped with open arms,  the opportunity to indicate to the hierarchy of the UNC that they were not prepared to suffer the insults and indignities inflicted upon them and even worse,were not prepared to accept the unilateral imposition of a candidate upon them in contravention of their expressed wishes and desires.The rejection of the UNC was a unanimous display of people power and a victory   of immense significance. The UNC suffered a humiliating  setback and an almost fatal blow from which they may never recover.From here on ,it will be all downhill for that Party and it is only a matter of time before the GREEN brigade rises up to emerge as the dominant political force  in this country. ” We will rise’  no longer applies to the UNC ,they have reached the summit of their existence and can rise no more. Their descent from the top will be sure and swift and they  will  soon come to an inglorious  and ignoble end. They will depart from office in utter shame and disgrace having deceived the hundreds of thousands of citizens of this country who gave them on a platter, the mandate to govern over us in May 2010. People like Anand Ramlogan,,Devant Maharah, Chandresh Sharma,Roodal Moonilal and so many others of this present Government will never  again see the corridors of power  upon completion of their present tenure. Kamla Persad Bissessar who presided over this  charade, this debacle ,will not escape blame and will also have to return to private life, certainly no wiser but surely ‘richer’ for the experience. A new  breed will emerge from the ranks of the ILP with new and fresh ideas and this party will sweep all before it. The old order represented by the UNC and the PNM and even the COP of the present will all have to ride off into the sunset of oblivion. The brand new and fresh GREEN party, the ILP will engineer real  and radical change in the politics of this land and the long suffering citizens will be the chief beneficiaries of that change .A metamorphosis is in the making and the Constituents of Chaguanas West are chiefly responsible for initiating that irreversible process. Like Hercules, Jack Warner has been given a mandate  to clean the Augean stables that masquerades  as politics in this country, and, like Hercules, is the only man capable of achieving this noble  but  Herculean   task. It is time therefore, to bid adieu to the old rotten politics and usher in a new fresh and GREEN era of the politics of inclusion, where every citizen will have a say and where every citizen will get their fair share of the ample and abundant  resources of the state. Long live the Independent Liberal party, long live the Rt Hon Austin Jack Warner.